Kettle Brewista Artisan v2 Gooseneck


Brewista was born in the USA in 2014 to satisfy the needs of the most experienced baristas. Its creators are certified Q Grader baristas who like to put their new products to the test at the SCAA world championships.


From One More we offer you this product that we love due to its functionalities, ease of use and ergonomics. With a 1.0L capacity, it will be enough to prepare 4 cups of tea or coffee in any of the manual filter coffee makers, all this with the convenience of handling thanks to its lightness.


Its temperature control is precise, it can be programmed to turn on automatically, it has a function to maintain temperature, it is easily adaptable to the reading in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, four pre-established temperatures and its most important novelty is the function of boiling water in the shortest possible time.


Given this, we have selected this product to meet the expectations of both the home user and the most specialized cafeteria. So we can have the water at the perfect temperature required by One More Coffee & Tea products.

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Programmable touch base.

Instructions in English.

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