Hario v60 02 Kit


Easy cleaning
Time of use: 5min
Transport many pieces
Filters: Included. Hario v60 02 filters
Explanatory video


From the Japanese manufacturer Hario, their best known product, the V60 as its name indicates is a filter cone with a 60° “V” opening, this allows the coffee to expand and the liquid to flow towards the center slowly, thus achieving a better infusion of the ground coffee.


This kit includes everything you need to prepare a delicious coffee. The kit together with some One More coffee packages are the perfect gift for a coffee lover.


The V60 conodripper is made of heat resistant methacrylate.


The Hario 02 Jug is made of temperature resistant glass and is manufactured in Germany.


The measuring spoon, the handle and the lid of the jug are made of food grade plastic.


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Cone dripper V60 size 02.

Measuring spoon.

40 paper filters for V60 size 02.

Jug Hario size 02 (Max. 600ml) with handle.

Lid for Hario Jug.

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