Chemex 6-cup size


Difficult cleaning
Use time: 6min
Fragile transport
Filters: Requires . Chemex 6 cups filters.
Explanatory video


Coffee maker coveted by both lovers of good coffee and lovers of design, for more than 70 years it has been in the permanent exhibition MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) New York.


This coffee maker with shapes reminiscent of an hourglass is based on the placement of the paper filter to achieve, thanks to its different layers, making the coffee infusion the ideal one. Its designer managed to merge the ease of use with the aesthetic function, obtaining a utensil to prepare coffee and decorate a desktop.


Made of high-quality glass (non-porous) resistant to high temperatures.


Made in the USA by Chemex® Coffeemaker.


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Chemex® coffee maker.

Wood and leather rope fastening.

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