Cleaning: Very easy

Time to use: 3 min

Transportation : Very easy

Filters: Included. Aeropress Filters

Explanatory video


Great kit to prepare coffee at home or wherever you go. With the contents of the box you will only need hot water and our coffee to start enjoying. The Aeropress® combines the ease of use of a plunger coffee maker with air pressure for endless resulting beverages. So you can get a drink that suits your personal tastes. It is easy to transport so that it is your perfect travel mate.


The Aeropress® was launched in 2006, it is currently famous in the coffee world for its versatility and ease of use, it is also very resistant and there are a wide variety of spare parts to make it your coffee maker for many years.


Made in copolyester, polypropylene and thermoplastic elastomer, BPA free


Made in the United States of America by Aerobie Inc.


4 in stock


Aeropress® coffee maker

350 paper filters



Narrow container adapter

Container for storing filters.

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